Documents required for car rental

Before renting the car, the tenant has to provide a valid passport or ID card and a valid driving license. Copies of these documents are added to the rental agreement. Companies must provide power of attorney to represent the company and all companies‘ requisites.

The shortest possible rent term

  • The shortest car rental term is 2 days (48 hours).
  • The shortest car rental term with the driver is 2 hours.
  • If the car is returned for more than 3 hours late, without additional notice, an additional one day fee will apply.

Requirements for drivers

  • Driver must have a valid international driving license.
  • Not less than 1-year driving experience.
  • The minimum age of the driver is 19 years.


  • The car is rented with a full tank of fuel. The car must be returned with a full tank of fuel as well.
  • If the car is returned with not a full tank of fuel, additional fee – 2,0 Eur will be calculated for every liter.

Full fuel tank service

It is possible to buy a tank of fuel at a reasonable price. If a customer purchases this service, it is NOT necessary to fill the fuel of the tank before returning the car.


  • All cars have valid Liability insurance and Casco. The Tenants liability in case of insured accident is equal to the amount of paid advance payment. In the case of a not insured accident, full responsibility lies to the tenant.
  • The tenant can order full insurance and not lose the deposit!

Full insurance

The tenant can decrease his responsibility to zero („0“) by taking Full insurance.
In case of an accident, full insurance is valid only by submission of accident declaration or certificate and if the insurance company declares accident as an insured. Full insurance is not valid for car glasses and wheel damage, and in case of vandalism. The total cost of full insurance depends on the car class and the number of rental days.

Advance payment

The tenant must pay the advance payment before taking the car. The advance payment is equal to 200-250 depending from chosen car. If car is returned without any damages and with full tank of fuel, the advance payment will be returned.

Taking and returning the car

  • The rented car can be taken and returned by address: Gumbinės st. 5, Šiauliai.
  • Taking or returning the car in a different location, must be agreed in advance.

Countries, to which can drive by rental car

The rental car can only be driven in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). The tenant must use a rented car only for its intended purpose.

Substitute car

In the event of a car breakdown, accident or other reasons that prevent the tenant from continuing to use a rented car, EdoAuto will provide a substitute car.

Rent price

Car rent price includes CASCO, Liability Insurance, and additional driver. All prices are given with VAT.

Payment for car

The fixed rent fee and advance payment must be paid at the beginning of the rent term. The tenant can pay by cash, bank transfer or card.

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