Tired of renting a car and willing to buy your own, but don‘t know how to pick or buy it? UAB EdoAuto will help you do this!

With long-term experience in the automotive market, UAB EdoAuto provides brokerage services for the purchase of cars from Europe, USA or Canada.

We offer assistance in selecting and buying your dream car from auctions in Europe, as well as in USA and Canada.
Upon your request, UAB EdoAuto will find, evaluate, buy and ship your preferred car and will arrange all necessary documents. If needed, we can arrange car repair, certification, registration and leasing.

Long-term experience allows us to evaluate objectively the customer’s chosen car and choose the best option in terms of price and quality.

Want a dream car? UAB EdoAuto will deliver it to your door!

Car for your journey, choose responsibly!

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